Email Basics and FAQs

How do I edit the content of the email?

Emails are edited in Campaigns section of the app. Go to the campaign that the email pertains to. You’ll see a table, with all the emails for this campaign. Click the email in the table to edit it.

Can I add HTML to the email body?

Yes. Just click the the HTML toggle, to add HTML to your email.

How do I merge in customer attributes?

You can merge in customer attributes that you’re sending us, like customer.first_name or customer.company_name, using the syntax {{customer.first_name}}. If you are not sending us the attribute, the email will throw an error, and it won’t be sent.

If you have a first name that exists, but is blank, you might want to use something like this:

  {% if customer.first_name != blank %} 
      {% else %} 
  {% endif %}

Can I vary the email content based on a customer attribute?

Yep, and it’s not too hard. We use the liquid templating language that supports minimal logic like if/else/unless, and allows you to loop through an array. For example, if you only wanted to show trial expiry information based on whether or not your user is a trial user you could do the following:

{% if customer.is_trial_user %}
  <p>Your trial expires on {{customer.trial_expiry_date}}</p>
{% endif %}

Here’s more on the liquid syntax.

Note: If you have any errors in your liquid syntax, the email will throw an error and won’t be sent, so it’s best to confirm the logic is correct with a few test users. Not all Liquid features are currently available in, and reference documentation is forthcoming.

How do I send a test email?

Choose the ‘test’ tab when editing any email, and add any email address to send a test emails.

Dynamically generated links like a view in browser link and an unsubscribe link are ignored during tests. Customer variables like {{ customer.firstname }} are ignored unless you check the “Merge in attribute data from a person” option. Event data will not function in test emails.

If you want to test event content, turn your email to “queue drafts” mode, create a test user that matches the campaign conditions, generate a test event for them, and preview the draft generated for that test user.