How do I create/edit a layout?

Layouts are edited in the Email Layouts section of the app. You can create a new layout, or edit one of the existing layouts that we provide.

How do I import an email template I’ve already created?

Within Layouts, click Create Layout. Then, give your layout a name, and copy and paste your existing template into the editor.

Important: You’ll need to add the following piece of code, in exactly this syntax, where you want the body of your email to go:

	{{ content }}

Otherwise, won’t know where to put your email’s content.

Can you handle unsubscribes?

Yes. We can take care of unsubscribes for you (woot!). Add the following code into your layout, and we’ll never send emails to users who unsubscribe:

<a href="{% unsubscribe_url %}" class="untracked">Your Unsubscribe Text</a>

Can I add CSS styles in the layout that will be applied to the HTML in the body of an email?

Yes, you can add CSS styles to your layout and those will be applied to any HTML that you use in the body of your email. For example, say you wanted a link in your email to look like a button:

  1. In the Email Layouts area, add the appropriate styles into your layout. Here, we’re adding CSS for a blue button: Layouts - CSS

  2. Navigate to the appropriate campaign, and head to that email’s Composer. Once you’ve got the editor open, switch to code-editing mode: Layouts - CSS

  3. Add your content, with the appropriate HTML tag or class to identify your button: Layouts - CSS

  4. Voila! This is what your email recipient will see: Layouts - CSS