Delivery Time Window

Setting up a time window will delay sending a message to a time you specify. For example, you can set a message to only send during your business hours, or prevent messages from sending on the weekends. Whatever works best for you!

How to set up a delivery time window

Within your campaign workflow, click to Add workflow item

Add workflow item

Then choose to add a time window:

Add time window

Choose where you want to place it within the workflow. Then, use the dropdowns to customize when you’d like to send the messages that follow it.

Customise time window

What happens with later emails?

When a message has a delivery window configured, later emails are pushed back. For example, in this scenario:

  • An email is sent immediately during business hours (9am - 5pm M - F). A second email is sent 35 minutes after the first one.

If a person enters this part of the campaign on the weekend, they will receive the first email on Monday at 9am. The second email will go out at 9:35 am.