My email is showing as attempted/failed! Why?

If you’re seeing a ‘Failed’ or ‘Attempted’ delivery status on your emails, we can help you figure out why!

What do ‘attempted’ and ‘failed’ mean?

Attempted means that your email has been created and we’ve tried to send it to the delivery provider, which then would send to your end user.

We attempt to send each email up to ten times over a three-hour period. If the tenth and final attempt fails, the email delivery be labeled as ‘Failed’.

Failed, then, means that we weren’t able to successfully send your email to the delivery provider, and it never left

An example: the missing Liquid variable

In most cases, a failed message can be traced to a problem with a Liquid tag. We have a few steps for you to follow that might help you diagnose the issue, Liquid or otherwise:

Head to the delivery page for more information

To find more information, click on the subject of the attempted/failed email; you’ll be brought to a details page, which in our case will display the reason for the failure:

Here, it’s “Uh oh! It looks like the Liquid variable is missing.”

Check the email template

Once you know the guilty variable, head into the composer for that email, and we can see exactly where it’s located:


There are a couple of ways to do this for our particular example.

Option 1: You can edit your Liquid code so that it includes a fallback option. A fallback tells what to display when that attribute doesn’t exist, and your emails will still get sent. For this example, that would look like:

{% if != blank %}

    {{ }}

{% else %}


{% endif %}

This way, if the recipient doesn’t have the name attribute, the email will default to “Hey there!” instead of failing!

Option 2: Add the missing attribute and value to your recipient

In case this particular person is missing that attribute and it should be there, you can add it to their profile. Then the email will send.

Send again!

Once the error on a failed email has been fixed, you can click Retry to send the email again. For attempted emails, just wait for the next attempt to take place!

Hope that helped! If not, and your emails are failing, let us know and we’ll help you troubleshoot!