Campaign Metrics

In your campaigns, you’ll be able to track a variety of metrics. If you’ve wondered what each of those statuses mean, keep reading.


The user opened your email. We track this by either loading an invisible image or if the user clicked one of your links. If a customer has images disabled and an open is tracked based on a click event, the “Opened Email” and the “Clicked Email” events will show the same timestamp.


The user clicked on any link from your email. We also track clicks on individual links.


The user’s email address wasn’t valid. This could be a hard bounce (non-existent email address) or a soft bounce (temporary issue like a full mail box). Hard bounces and repeated soft bounces are converted to “drops” going forward.


If a user, who was sent the specific email, achieved whatever you’ve set as a conversion after the email was sent. For example, if you set up a behavioral campaign with 3 emails and a conversion of converting from a free plan to a paid plan, we’ll track the users you’ve sent that email to. If someone signs up for a paid plan after email 2 is sent and before email 3, we’ll track them as having converted due to email 2, even if they didn’t click specific links from that email or the email wasn’t open.


These are addresses that previously hard bounced (invalid addresses), repeatedly soft bounced (generally temporary issues, but if they happen repeatedly it’s unlikely email will ever successfully deliver) or marked a previous email as spam.


These emails failed to send. This is generally because you have an attribute in your copy that is missing in the user’s profile. So if you send an email that includes ````and the user didn’t have a name set, the email would fail.