Sending Behavior


  • All campaigns have link and open tracking on.
  • Event triggered campaigns send to unsubscribed users (for instance this allows users to receive password reset emails even if they are unsubscribed).
  • Segment triggered campaigns don’t send to unsubscribed users.

If you want to change either of these settings, you can do so for each individual email in a campaign:

  • Click the email you’re interested in to display the settings area.
  • Press “Edit” link next to “Tracking enabled and send to unsubscribed”/ “Tracking enabled and don’t send to unsubscribed”.

Workflow - Change sending behavior

  • Select the options that match your needs and press the “Update” button.

Workflow - Sending behavior


  • If you want the tracking links to use your sending domain instead of ours, you will need to add a CNAME record to your domain configuration as suggested in your account under Settings - Email Deliverability.
  • To make sure none of the emails inside your event triggered campaign send to unsubscribed users, you can also add a segment filter with the rule “unsubscribed is not equal to true”.