You can use the unsubscribe link in all of your campaigns. By using it you’ll be able to offer your recipients a way to be removed from your list. We’ll be able to track the unsubscribe to the specific email they unsubscribed from. We’ll also be able to include an unsubscribe option in your email header.

What emails will someone be removed from after unsubscribing?

If a customer is unsubscribed, we will not send them Newsletters or Segment Triggered emails. We will send Event Triggered emails to them.

The reason we still allow you to send event triggered email is to notify customers of things like payment invoices.

If you’d like to exclude unsubscribes from your event triggered campaigns as well, your best option would be to create a segment looking for “attribute unsubscribed is not equal to true” and add that as a filter to your campaign. That will remove anyone who is unsubscribed.

Unsubscribing a customer in the user interface

Go to the profiles section and click on the customer you want to unsubscribe. Then click on the gear icon next to their email address. You’ll see an option to unsubscribe or delete the user.

Unsubscribe button

Unsubscribing a customer through the javascript / api

Through the api, you’ll need to identify the customer and set the attribute unsubscribed equal true.

<script type="text/javascript">
  // Only send this when a user is logged in
  id: 'user_287',
  unsubscribed: true

In your layout, you can insert code similar to the following and we’ll render a unique unsubscribe link for that customer and email.

<a href="{% unsubscribe_url %}" class="untracked">Unsubscribe</a>

If you don’t want clicks on the unsubscribe link to be tracked, be sure to include class="untracked"in your unsubscribe link!

If a user unsubscribes, what happens?

They would click the link in the email and arrive at a page that looks like the image below.

Unsubscribe Page

If they click, we set the unsubscribed attribute = true and confirm that they are unsubscribed.

Unsubscribe Confirmation Page

How do I handle more complex email preferences?

You can set attributes on a customer like weekly-email-subscriber: true. When you send newsletters, apply a filter to only email those people.

However when sending this way, we encourage you to build an email preferences page on your site to allow the customer to control their emails. When they make a change, you’d set the attribute on to true or false.

We don’t programmatically enforce it but we encourage it. If you are sending marketing email, you should adhere to all local laws about emailing your customers.

No. While we require you to include an unsubscribe whenever necessary and legal, we allow you to use your own unsubscribe functionality if you so choose. If you do, though, we won’t be able to track which email someone unsubscribed from or place an unsubscribe in your email header.