Types of Campaigns supports 3 different types of Campaigns: Segment Triggered, Event Triggered, and Newsletters.

Segment Triggered Campaigns

Segment triggered campaigns are triggered the first time a user matches a specific segment or combination of segments. You can set up a series of messages to send, define the timing of the send, and track which users convert after sending. Find out more»

Event Triggered Campaigns

Event triggered campaigns are similar to segment triggered campaigns, but they’re triggered when a user performs a specific event. If you want to send a transactional email or message, you would use an event triggered campaign.

You can have them send immediately (great for receipts or confirmations), or delay them and send a series of messages. Read more»


Newsletters in are different than traditional “list-based” newsletter tools. Rather than importing a list and sending, you’ll be creating a segment of your users and sending your email to them. That way you can target your newsletters to everyone who opted in for a specific topic, or who recently viewed your documentation, or clicked on a specific link in your last newsletter. Want to know more